flying to Madrid and training to Seville

My flight is scheduled to arrive in Madrid at 8:35Am on a Sunday in May. I would like to take the AVE to Seville. What time should I make my AVE reservation for? If the flight is late and I have to change my reservation is it very complicated?
I am considering a taxi from the airport to the train station. Any comments?

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Don't, buy your ticket when you get there. There is a direct bus from the airport to the train station. Cheap and easy. There is a Renfe ticket office across from the TI, you can buy your ticket there and take the bus to the train station.

Posted by Margie
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Are you sugtgesting I buy the train ticket in the Airport, then take the bus that goes directly from the airport to the train station? Is there room for luggage on the bus and do you know how long it takes?
Thanks for your help.

Posted by Tom
Easley, SC, USA
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Margie, I can't speak for Frank, but I suspect he's saying take the regular airport bus directly to the Madrid Atocha railway station. It's a normal airport bus with a special rack for luggage. It's a very easy trip. Then, once you're in the train station (Madrid has two; Atocha is the one the bus goes to and it's the one trains to Sevilla leave from) simply find a ticket window and buy a ticket!

Posted by Neil
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'My flight is scheduled to arrive' - key word is scheduled. What if late? You will receive no refund on your train ticket if pre-purchased. I would not be taking a second long leg of a journey immediately after a transatlantic flight, but I am not you. Whatever the event and if €25ish for the taxi against €5 for the bus to Atocha matters -

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Tom is correct. Don't make your reservation till you get there. Too many variables and no point in creating extra stress for yourself. The bus ride is about thirty minutes. You can buy the train ticket at the Renfe ticket office in the airport, lower level, across from the TI, follow the signs. I think the bus leaves from the same area. But the people at the TI can give precise information. The only reason I recommend the airport train station ticket office is that I have never seen a line at that station and the attendant is bored and helpful. However, if you get there and the bus is ready to roll, then buy the ticket at the train station.