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Flying in Spain/Portugal

have seen posts here about cheap flights w/in Spain & Portugal, but when I look them up, I find $500 flights, i.e. between Lisbon and Seville. Where can I find cheaper flights? It appears to be difficult to get from Lisbon to southern Spain. Thanx.

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I haven't done any research on your specific question but some things just come to mind. I don't know about flying from Lisbon to Seville. Is there an airport in Seville??? Maybe consider flying Lisboa to Madrid. I know Vueling has once or twice daily flights between these cities. Then maybe a train or bus from Madrid to Seville?? I just checked Lis to Madrid flights for myself and it looked to be about 25 or 40 euros (i think this is pretax)depending on time of flight. Check and you can put in your departure and arrival cities and it will come up with airlines with flights to those cities. i think routing through madrid will be the way to go.

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I agree with the last poster -- book your flight to Madrid and then take a bus or train to Seville.

We are traveling to Granada from Lisbon in May, flying into Madrid for 36 euros each on Vueling and then taking the bus from Madrid to Granada.

Also be aware that the cheaper airlines (Vueling, EasyJet, etc) charge you per checked bag, charge you for using a credit card and try to sell you travel insurance if you do not un-check the insurance box. easyjet does not give you an assigned seat so check-in early if you want to sit with a significant other.

My last advice is use to look up the cheapest flights. It provides a nice graph showing cheapest flights on the days surrounding your preferred date -- we saved a lot by changing from a Saturday flight to a Sunday flight.