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Flying in September, when to book my flight?

I will be flying to Brussels in mid-September and I was wondering how far (or soon) out from that time should I book my flight to find the cheapest fares? I've heard 6 months (though its only under 5 months now), I've heard 2-3 months, some have said right before, but that is risking it. I don't care if I have to make two stopovers or more to save money, I just want to find the cheapest way to fly there. Any ideas on when to book? Thank you!

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hi, you can look at it 2 ways. 1. Play the wait n see game and if you get lucky, find a cheaper seat. If you dont get lucky then pay the penalty and pay more. 2. Buy now, Pay once, cry once. Your trip to there is done. move onto the rest of the planning or other things. Im in the final stages of my plan back to europe for this Sept also. I will be booking my round trip flight (r/t) to Amsterdam later this week. Since ive been only over there 2x, im using my least expensive flight over there as my Rule Of Thumb (rot). It may not be correct or best, but guess what, it works for ME!. just a note, a friend booked a trip to London via amsterdam (my hub and r/t is i mentioned) and he spent 800 USD. But it was in January. just another comment. my first time over there was a 2 layover flight and it saved me 200 USD, but i lost 6 hours on the ground. So you have to decide what is important to you. those 2 layover sucked the life out of me. The last time i went was last Oct for 2 week and direct flight. No problem getting off the plane, checking into my hotel and i was off and running to do/see things. for my r/t flight to amsterdam, they are showing direct flights around 1300 USD. 1 or 2 layovers a ~100 USD less. some even more $$$ for a layover. if your departure/arrival dates arent set in stone, look at leaving/arriving on a weekday and then try weekends. sometimes that will make a dif also. happy trails. you may want to delete your 2nd post

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Ray gave you excellent advise. I'm making the presumption that you are a young person, we all have been in your place at one time or the other. We all "think" we want to save the money with several layovers, but I think you'll learn the savings aren't worth the hassles of layovers and the most important commodity in our lives......time.

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Good advice so far. Don't assume that extra stops save money - I got a non-stop from Rome to Detroit last year that was $200 less than a multi-stop flight.

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I couldn't believe how much I saved by booking a three night stay upon arrival or before departure along with my flight. The three nights were basically free compared to booking just a flight.

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It all depends on you tolerance to airfare shenanigans. Airlines do unpublished fare sales all the time. Best bet is to watch, and when you see a deal, be ready to pounce. Anytime before 21 days before flight and you'll be fine. 21-14 days, fares start to climb. Anything inside of 7 days and you'll typically (not always, but usually) pay through the nose because the airlines assume you a are business traveler. As to how to fly cheap...mid-week is generally the cheapest time to fly. Very early or very late flights can occasionally be cheaper as well. Sometimes, adding a stopover helps, sometimes not.

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Your least expensive trip would be into Dublin on Aer Lingus (1 stop) in the mid $800's, and transfer over to a Ryanair budget air carrier flight. The flights directly into Brussels are in the $1100 range. For so little price difference, I'd go straight to Belgium. Your cheapest days of the week to travel are Tuesday and Wednesday.
I see no evidence that airfares will be substantially lower, as the airlines right now are pretty good at controlling supply and demand. There may be some one day sales pop up, but they're gone fast.

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Booked through Sky Scanner via Vayama and found a flight to Brussels for 938.38.

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From what I've seen the last few years...Great Job! Good price. you really feel like you're going now? ;-)