Flying Iceland Air

I mentioned this on another thread, but not getting any feedback, so time for a new question. Thinking about flying Iceland Air in Nov. from Frankfurt, and then on to Seattle. The transfer time in Iceland is only 40 min. On my return trip the transfer time is 50 min. This just sounds like it isn't enough time, but would like to know if others have had the same amount of short transfers here. Any advice? I am liking the short flight of 7.5 hours to Seattle and the total round trip price in Nov. for Frankfurt to Sacramento is only 775 €.

Posted by Barry
San Diego, CA
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This isn't something you need to worry about,Reykjavík is their hub and the transfer times from one flight to another is taken into consideration. Even if a flight into Reykjavík was delayed for one reason or another it's a safe bet they will probably delay the second leg of the trip due to a large number of passengers are traveling on just like you.

Posted by Michael
Savannah, Ga, USA
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Jo, I have flown Icelandic Air to Europe several times when I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Even though the time seems short in Reykjavik, I can tell you that the airport is very small. In most cases you simply walk accross the hall and your plane is at that gate. I would not be worried about the connection times at all. I believe almost all planes are Icelandic at the airport if not all of them and they have the connection times figured out. The price is very good and the service will be even better. Mike in Savannah, Ga

Posted by Nancy
Corvallis OR
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Jo, I had a scheduled 40 min transfer at Keflavic going from Denver to Paris, which turned into a 25 min transfer due to flight delay getting in. Still had no problem going from one gate to the other and I'm pretty sure they didn't hold the flight to Paris for us, I believe it left on time.

Posted by Leslie
Spokane, WA
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Hi Jo I have taken the flight to and from Seattle. The short flight time is really nice and no problems with the flight or the short connection times. It was pretty much get off the plane, go a short distance to the next gate and go through security there and you are on your way. I have heard they will hold the planes if an arriving plane is late but that was not an issue. You mentioned you knew about bringing or buying your meals and there were also individual movie screens on each seat with a decent choice of things to watch. My only disappointment is that they severed miles with Alaska Air but for the price difference, it can be worth it.

Posted by Steven
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I lived within blocks if the air terminal in Iceland for three years. I am flying Seattle to Munich next month. Iceland air is obvious choice since tickets were only $513 one way. Flight on return AMS to SEA same cost. Also, the have a very nice toll free phone support. Number on their web site. Steven

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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Thanks for all the info. Sets my mind at ease tremendously. Now, about those seats. I have always flown economy because my wallet doesn't allow anything more. They don't have anything in Germany like earning miles on a credit card, so no chance of an upgrade with miles. How awful are the seats?

Posted by Nancy
Corvallis OR
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I'm not a plane freak so I don't remember what type of plane I flew on but I found the seats in economy very comfortable, more so than some other airlines I have flown, but then I'm short so leg room is not normally a problem for me. I know I had no problem with the person in front of me reclining their seat so it can't have been too awfully scrunchy.

Posted by Bets
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Seats were fine when we took Icelandic five years ago.

Posted by Beth
Boulder, Colorado, USA
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Icelandair is much more comfortable than United! They have food for sale but I have not tried it. Having free movies and TV in each seat is nice with 48 movies, most in English and some Icelandic. From Denver it is a great route and we can leave Friday evening and be in Paris by 2 on Saturday.

Posted by Dawn
Denver, CO
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It's my understanding that they don't provide headphones to watch the movies (well they do, but you have to pay for them), so bring your own if you don't want to pay. We're flying Iceland Air in November, so I'm happy to hear all of these positive comments!

Posted by Liz
Spokane, WA, USA
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Our family flew Iceland Air in August and it was great. * Before flying I had even gone online to compare distance between seats, degrees of recline, etc. and felt satisfied that Iceland Air was as good or better than many other airlines. * Pillows and blankets provided to all * Good idea to bring own headphones as theirs are a little pcircy * Good selection of food on menu, cheapest was oatmeal with fruit for about US$5
* Airport is small and easy transfers.

Posted by Anna
Seattle, WA, United States
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I flew Icelandair from Seattle to Amsterdam a few years ago, and it was a good experience, especially given the significant price difference compared to any other airline. Our layover en route to Amsterdam was less than an hour, and we made it through security with enough time to have to wait around for the plane to Amsterdam. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this airline, and in fact, I am using them again for my trip next year. Also, maybe it's just my generation showing, but doesn't everyone just carry a pair of headphones with them these days? I don't remember the last time I left the house without one, so the whole "you need to rent headphones" thing didn't even register with me.

Posted by Michael
Des Moines, IA
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Regarding headphones, yes, it's a generational thing. I'm not sure where the cut-off is exactly, but most people over, say, 40 don't carry headphones around like folks in teens or 20s do. Still, lots of people over 40 realize that most airlines now charge for headphones and take their own set when flying. Jo: I'm assuming you've already purchased your tickets since this post is a month old now, but I've flown Icelandair several times and can assure you that the short connection is no problem. In fact, you'll likely have enough time to leave the gate area and walk into the terminal for a health break, a quick snack, or a quick glance around some of the shops...tiny airport and the gates and shops area are literally just steps apart. The last time I flew Icelandair was exactly one year ago...I like this airline a lot. 757 equipment, so just one aisle. Seats are as good as any other. AVOD in seat backs. Food is only edible to not good, though. Oatmeal was like you would expect...fine and about 3€ as I recall. The ham and cheese baguette was terrible and about 5€. The best looking entrée was a lamb dish as I recall and around 13-15€...didn't try it. Planes are older but cabin interiors are newer. Tiny airport at KEF is awesome for connections, and fares are $100-$200 (mostly $100) better than everyone else. Short legs are great. It's a winner. If you were asking about a 50 minute connection time on United, I would say forget it. I like United just fine, but my short connections were all jacked up on my last international flight in June, and I expect them to be jacked up again in November. If that happens, I hope to get rebooked on the same 5 star airline they rebooked me on last time. As for Icelandair, I have never had a delay with those guys. Happy travels.

Posted by Kim
San Francisco
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Isn't Iceland Air the one where you can book a really long layover for free? My husband totally wants to do that! How does it work?

Posted by Jeff
Lakeville, MN
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Kim, On your layover in Iceland you can stay for a few days, not sure what the limit is, get back on a plane to your final destination and there is no additional cost to your airline tickets. We've done it a couple of times for two days, and had a lot of fun and seen some awesome landscapes, glaciers, waterfalls, and visited the Blue lagoon. I would recommend it. Jeff

Posted by Susan and Monte
Granite Bay, CA
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Ok, Jo, but the real question is: are you coming to the Sacramento Rick Steve's meeting?

Posted by Anna
Seattle, WA, United States
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Re booking a stayover in Iceland: we just did this for our upcoming trip, and we will spend 3 days in Iceland before continuing on to London. I believe the max is 7 days. If you are booking on Icelandair's website, choose the "Iceland Stopover/Return from another city". What you are doing is simply adding another leg to your multi-city itinerary: book a flight from your point of origin to Reykjavik, then from Reykjavik to wherever you are going to Europe, and then the return flight from Europe. In my experience, the price did rise by about $5 with the stayover, but that's negligible.