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Flying from Bergen to Copenhagen

Will I go through customs?
Is 50 minutes enough time to connect to a flight to the US?

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Is this a single ticket? ( from Bergen to US )

Checked luggage?

For a US bound flight there is passport control to contend with as you exit the Schengen zone. I suspect you are likely to be in deep doo-doo.

Have you already bought the flights or just looking?

Customs will happen when you enter the US

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Is it on a single ticket with the same airline?
Do you have luggage that is checked in all the way to your final destination?
If it was for a intra Schengen flight with no checked luggage I would say that 50 minutes was enough time to connect, Copenhagen Airport is quite efficient and there is usually where little waiting time.

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Fifty minutes is not long enough.

You first have to hope your flight is on time, deplane, find your next gate, go through exit immigration, possibly go through security again (I don't remember if you do), and be on board a few minutes ahead of the doors closing.

That being said, if it is on the same ticket and possibly the same airline, if you miss the flight due to delays, the airline has to get you on the next available flight.

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We f!ew Bergen to Oslo and non-stop to Orlando. Exiting the EU, there is a customs desk. We were flying on Norwegian Air all the way.
You will be walking a tightrope with 50 minutes.