Flying Easy Jet from Luton Airport in London

I'm looking at a flight on Easy Jet from Luton airport. It'd be my first flight ever on Easy Jet. I'm curious what if any issues there are with Easy Jet. It'd be my first experience ever at Luton Airport as well. For example, how far ahead should I arrive and check in? Is the usual USA rule of thumb of 90-120 minutes good advice here too? Are there any unusual issues with respect to checking baggage? I'll have a carry-on size bag and a day pack. The flight I'm considering is direct, so I could carry the rollaboard back if they'd let me, and also let me wear my day pack. Anything else I should know about? Thx in advance. Tom

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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I love Easy Jet. It is the best budget airline that I have flown (though it did not involve Luton Airport, so I don't know about that). Easy Jet only allows one carryon item - ONE. Not one and a day bag. So you would have to check your roller bag unless you could put your daybag inside of it (there is no weight limit). But as you say, the flights are direct, so there is little chance of your checked bag not making the trip with you (I checked a bag). Their check-in desk opens two hours before a flight but closes VERY promptly 40 minutes before the flight, so don't be late checking in.

Posted by Tom
Easley, SC, USA
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Nancy, that's great advice! Thx. Does Easy Jet charge to check a bag like US airlines do?

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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Not only does EasyJet charge to check a bag, they (and other European budget airlines) are where the US airlines got the idea. Furthermore, there is one fee to check a bag if you buy it online before getting to the airport, and a higher fee if you wait until you get to the airport. Since you know you will have to check bags, go to your reservation on EasyJet's website, and pay the fees now. And, as said above, only ONE carry on bag (although if you can stuff one inside another, that's OK; but if you can't, plan to check every other bag, purse, camera bag, etc).

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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If you are "looking at" an Easyjet flight, have a good look at the website and follow the links around. Everything is very very clear. Half the cost to check a bag online as at the airport and if you get it pulled off you as you go to board the aircraft, because it is too big or you have 2 carryons (don't try to sneak one by - they'll catch you) there is the higher bag check fee plus £40 penalty. It is all clearly explained on their website. Just last week I saw them take a bag off somebody as they were boarding my flight to Bologna. If taking the train to Luton, make sure your ticket is to Luton Airport, not Luton Airport Parkway so that you can get the skanky bus to the terminal.

Posted by Tom
Easley, SC, USA
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Home finally, 3 weeks late due to major truck breakdowns on an RV trip. Finally I can do a leisurely review of all your helpful replies and say thank you to all of you! I'd have done it sooner but I've been a bit distracted!