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Flying Again!

Just flew Delta back to Michigan. I felt comfortable with the new protocols. Delta is fogging (bug bombing) the cabin after every flight. Everyone was wearing a face mask. People were trying to "social distance." Orlando Airport - lots of space for everyone to spread out. Not operating at full capacity - so, many areas were simply closed.

I wonder if face masks will become a permanent standard? That's okay with me for transportation.
Felt good to "get back out there."

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I hope we are lucky as you on our upcoming flights. The last ones in June were terrible as passengers did not follow the flight attendants advice or rules.

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Two flights to Las Vegas and back. Never really was any social distancing except in seating area at the gates. Every other seat roped off which is funny because then people got up to stand in line almost shoulder to shoulder to get on the plane. Getting off the attendants announced deplaning front rows to back but evidently most people did not hear it or felt need to follow directions. Everyone did wear masks though. No curb side check in allowed. I did not use tray table and used gloves to use restrooms on plane and at airport. All in all I did feel as safe as I could be.

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Rick's friend Cameron had a blog entry yesterday on his recent flying trip across the US.
It's available in the "watch read, listen" section of this website.

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Delta gave each passenger a disinfecting hand wipe as each passenger entered the plane. The planes were very clean. Delta also passed out plastic bags with a bottle of water, granola bar, and a snack to everyone who wanted it. Delta boarded in small clusters from back to front. Some seats were left intentionally vacant.

I did notice a difference between airports: Orlando, Atlanta, Detroit, and Grand Rapids.
Grand Rapids seemed somewhat crowded due to it being a smaller airport. (Fewer places for people to roam inside, smaller lobby area, etc.) But still, plenty of room to separate oneself from the herd.

Atlanta seemed the most crowded - especially the food court area.
Orlando appeared the most sparse. Probably because it is so large and spread out. Also, Orlando has many international flights which are most likely not happening at this time. Sections were closed down.

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Actually you’d be amazed how much of the Atlanta airport is shut down. You probably just didn’t see the shut down parts.

And if you don’t wear a mask on Delta flights you get to go on their no-fly list. So most people are being pretty good about wearing them on their airline - they have several hundred people already on the no-fly list.

And I’m assuming if you’re wearing gloves, you are only wearing them for one activity. So when you went to the restroom you threw them away when you came back. Otherwise gloves are really not that good. I personally think the gloves are a bad idea. The people I’ve seen wearing them at airports are just moving germs around on the gloves. The gloves are not really doing anything to protect them.

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Hi Carol!
I agree about the gloves. Better to just use hand sanitizer on bare hands. Plus with bare hands, a person may think twice about touching things. In the medical field - gloves are constantly changed for the reasons Carol already stated. Doesn't make sense for a person to just wear one pair for a long period of time or various situations. Gloves get gross - fast.

I can see wearing them for a brief clean-up situation. Then, promptly disposing of them and using hand sanitizer immediately after like medical workers. Otherwise, just forget about the gloves.

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I just took two Turkish Air flights (round trip Houston to Istanbul), two Albania Air flights (round trip Istanbul to Tirana) and two United flights (round trip to Houston).

United was exceptionally organized. They did not allow vented masks and would give joy a new mask if thats what you had. Enforcement was well done and compliance was 100%. Getting on and off was done in groups of 10 or do and everyone did well.

Turkish Air was a bit chaotic getting on and off, Two individuals near me refused to wear masks and nothing was done about it. Very disappointing.

Food and drink service on all of the flights was very limited. No booze! The quality of the food was miserable, especially on Turkish Air. A soggy bun with the thinnest slivers of cheese, tomatoe, and I think cucumber in it. All mashed nearly flat. That and a tiny square of some sort of cake, a tiny container of yogurt and a tiny box of peach juice. No coffee, no tea no soft drinks, no nada. I understand why, just be prepared

Otherwise pleasant flights