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I'm looking for feedback regarding booking a Seattle-Italy trip through this site. Although they don't list the airline, the itinerary we're looking at is an Air France itinerary but at about a $175/pp savings.
For my domestic travel, I seldom find the prices at the travel sites any better than those directly with the airline. But for a savings of $350, it would be considered significant for our trip.
Some of my thoughts have to do with accumulating flyer miles with the airline and also having the freedom to select our seats. When we flew to Heathrow last year, we were able to get a great 2-person row that was directly behind a 3-person row. It gave us extra storage area and nobody on either side. Yes it was at the back of the plane, but that turned out to not be an inconvenience. I tend to be a little anal about seat selection, especially when the flight is anything over a couple of hours - let alone 8-10!

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I'm also planning to purchase tickets for Seattle-Italy through this site, but I haven't done so yet, so I'm afraid I'm not of much help...

In's terms and conditions I did find this:

Once booked and ticketed, it is the responsibility of the passenger to contact the airlines to give Frequent Flyer account information, request special meals, or to arrange seating.

For $350 savings, I would go ahead and book the tickets, then call Air France directly and see what you can work out with them.

Good luck!