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Fluctuations in Delta's Pricing and SkyMiles

I had seen before major changes on Delta's website with pricing, but I was truly surprised by a recent experience. I booked perhaps two months ago a trip in October for 85,000 SkyMiles. Yesterday, the price was less than 50,000 SkyMiles. Today, incidentally, the price is 58,000 SkyMiles. Fortunately, I looked yesterday, was able to cancel the old old reservation, and then was able to book a new one. I had seen in the past on the Delta website major fluctuations in pricing from one day to another, which is the reason after the initial booking I often check the pricing. But I don't remember before seeing a 44 percent reduction in SkyMiles charged (and there was a commensurate reduction if one were paying in dollars).

Again, using SkyMiles, I have the flexibility of booking and later cancelling and rebooking. But I would suggest that if a Delta fare seems high, try waiting and checking repeatedly over the next few weeks for a more reasonable fare. And for those using SkyMiles or having otherwise the luxury of cancelling without penalty, do every so often check the pricing to see if the cost has dramatically been lowered.

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I just got a notice of a "flash sale" for skymiles to Europe. I booked a trip for next year for 49K miles just in case I can actually go. I think the price both of us got is not something that's "normal' so I would not suggest "waiting for it" especially during high season.

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Another option is to purchase changeable tickets in case ticket prices go up. Using skymiles makes things easier, because if skymiles required goes down, you can rebook and the miles go back into the account. If the reservation is made with cash, then if the ticket is rebooked the price difference goes into a credit that needs to be used within a year of when the original ticket was purchased.

Regardless if I use miles or cash, I periodically check the pricing on my flight for reductions. Somewhat often, if I've booked a ticket that I thought was high priced, if I watch the price goes down. I needed to make a trip from Minneapolis to Seattle this past April. I had little flexibility with my dates, so I booked. Later the ticket dropped by more than $100.

Whenever I notice that there seems to be more widespread reduction in prices or special deals using skymiles, I post to this forum, in the hopes that others can find a good deal, too.

EDITED TO ADD: And Thank you very much, just acquired tickets for next February to Southern Italy!

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That is quite a savings ! Thank you for the reminder to check often !

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What was 85,000 SkyMiles two months ago, 49,300 yesterday, and 58,000 a few hours ago is now back at 49,300.

However, checking several itineraries on the Delta website, I was not able to find many bargains. The exception seems to be London this fall.