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Florence to Paris

What would be the best option for traveling from Florence to Paris when comparing travel times, costs and hassle? Plane, train, overnight train? Thank you for your help on this.

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Lois, First of all, you might want to delete your duplicate Thread on this subject. It may be a bit confusing to get replies to both of them. Although the minimum travel time by train from Florence to Paris is about 9.5-hours (a long trip!), I'd probably still choose train as it would be a more relaxing trip than putting up with the hassles of air travel (although the trip by air would likely be a few hours faster). Using the current schedules, there's a train departing Firenze SMN at 10:00, arriving Gare du Lyon at 19:45 (time 9H:45M, 2 changes in Milan and Geneve, each train subject to compulsory reservation). While that's a bit of a late arrival in Paris and would use a full travel day, it's still the method I'd use. You might also consider using a night train, but I'd highly recommend choosing a direct route if possible (no changes). For example, there's a direct train departing Firenze SMN at 22:12, arriving Paris-Bercy at 10:48 (time 12H:36M, reservations compulsory and Couchette charges extra). Note that the times I've mentioned are according to the current schedules, which may be slightly different at the time you'll be travelling. Good luck!

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Double posting a question does not improve the quality of the answers. It is confusing to you and other posters as many of the responses will build on each other. Please be polite to your responders by deleting that question. I very nearly responded to the other posting, but things have started here, here is where I will post. There is a person, the Man in Seat 61 who has very clearly outlined the day and night train trips between Paris and Florence, and vice versa. Have a look at: to Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples He is English so the information assumes London but all you have to do is ignore the bit between London and Paris. Be sure to scroll down and click on the videos for a good look. Happy planning...

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You should really consider the train, that is the way to go. Definitely.

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I, too, would recommend the direct Firenze-Paris night train. However, your cheapest air route is to take a train from Firenze to the Pisa airport aand then fly either easyJet or Ryanair from there to Paris. EasyJet would be my choice because it uses Orly while Ryanair uses Beauvais which is a long way from Paris.