Hello, I am planning a trip and would like to know what is the cheapest flight I can get to go from London to Dublin.
Also what is the name of the ferry system that goes from Ireland to Glascow,Scotland. Much appreciate any info you can give. Paul

Posted by Ed
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Ryan probably has the cheapest flights. Stena runs a ferry from Belfast to Cairnryan, not Glasgow.

Posted by paul
lafayette, CA, United States
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Ed,thanks for the info.Actually Ryan Air is not the cheapest after they tack on allthe fees. Stena Lines...that's right...couldn't remember....thanks.

Posted by Nicholas
Seattle, Washington, United States
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Well, then why not find out what the cheapest flight is yourself? Go to, search for a flight, and get the prices. There is no way that we can tell you what the cheapest option is going to be without knowing your dates. My bet is that RyanAir and Aer Lingus will be duking it out for cheapest fare, even with RyanAir's fees.

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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P&O also run a ferry, from Larne to Cairnryan. London to Dublin is a competitive route, all you can do is check the operators and see who is cheapest on the day you want to travel (and don't forget to check just which London airport you will be using and the cost of getting there). BA, Aer Lingus and RyanAir all fly that route, so does KLM/Air France from London City.