Flight from SFO to London/returning from Rome to SFO April/May 2014

My husband and I are planning our trip to Europe. We are leaving from SFO to London last week of April 2014. Returning from Rome to SFO third week of May 2014. We are seeing flights on United for $1244. Is this a good price? We've never flown to Europe so we aren't sure as to how much we should be paying for a flight like this. I do know that I want to fly on United. Is this a good price? Or should we wait a bit more before we purchase? Thanks!

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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For that time of year, and limiting yourself to United, it's not bad. This is in the ball park for flights from the west coast to Europe this summer.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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That is a fair price. It could go lower but doubt if it make 1100. You could wait a while and see what happens but I might be tempted to buy it and forget about it. You could try farecompare.com and see what the historical fares are for that flight. And remember, the past is no indication of the future.

Posted by Tom
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Estella, That sound like you are at a fair price. You might see it go a little lower in a fare sale, but you would have to be watching for the sale, and be willing to jump on the ticket if you found one you liked.

Posted by Aidan
Rohnert Park, CA, USA
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Such a small world Estella! My husband and I are also planning our first Europe trip and are flying out of SFO to London and back from Rome next April/May! I've been checking kayak.com regularly, and the best I can find right now was with British Airways for $2,400 (for us both). Let me know if you find a lower price or if you got your tix already. I've flown to England before and was impressed with the comfort and level of service with BA, so I would prefer to fly with them (though for a lower price I might consider Virgin Atlantic). It's exciting to start putting trip planning into action, and booking the flight is that first step. Good luck in your search!

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Coming back from Rome see if you can fly with Lufthansa (via Frankfurt or Munich) or Swiss, also part of Lufthansa (via Zurich), instead of using flights operated by United. United/Lufthansa/Swiss are all partners (Star Alliance). You can still get United mileage with all of them, but of the 3 partners, United has the worst service (they charge you for wine too, those cheapos!). Also if you fly UA out of Rome, they will probably route you through Washington DC (or even Newark, NJ) which will prolong your return trip by a few hours.