Flight from Prague to Rome?

My son needs to meet us in Rome. He is coming from Prague. Have checked Kayak and Smartwings is the quickest non-stop and seems very reasonable (93.00), but reviews aren't that good. Then other rates are as high as 622.00. Of course would like a good rate and him not having to be on the plane for many hours and stops since we are on a limited time schedule in Rome, but safety and reputable company is what we need. Any suggestions, has anyone flown certain airlines in Europe for short trips? Thanks so much!

Posted by Sharon
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Hi BC, Check www.whichbudget.com to find discount airlines between destinations. Vueling might be another option to check. Edit: Vueling may not have a direct option.

Posted by Southam
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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WizzAir competes with Smartwings offering a non-stop, and maybe cheaper. No-one can comment on costs without knowing the day your son will travel. I checked www.skyscanner.com
There is also no way anyone can judge "safety" unless planes are in the habit of plummeting to the earth, which they certainly are not. Comfort can vary but on budget airlines travelling short runs you can bet on getting nothing extra. Think of it as a bus with wings. Punctuality is another issue and you can get some idea from the reviews at http://www.airlinequality.com/

Posted by Cathy
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I have flown with Smartwings twice, once from Prague to Rome. Both trips were pleasant with attentive staff and no delays. Plan on using them again this winter.