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Flight Cancellations

Just received an email from British Airways that our flight from LHR to SEA on 10/16 was cancelled. No reason given, no re-booking options offered. Jumped on the BA website and after a lengthy wait for info to appear, was able to re-book same class of service for different flights on the same day. Everyone should continuously check their itineraries to make sure you did not miss any communication from air carriers for flights booked out into the future. Airlines are constantly changing schedules and equipment and you need to jump on it to ensure you get a seat on a favorable flight time. Not sure if they will refund our purchased seat option for the original flight, ($169 each seat for business class), but will check the credit card statement over the next few days. We had to re-purchase the seat option for the new flight.

Also be aware that calling airlines in Europe right now is very difficult. They are having weather related cancellations and changes and phone centers are jammed. With BA, they don't even give you the option to wait, they just hang up on you.

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BA has always refunded my seat fees when they have cancelled a flight. It takes about 7-10 days to show up. If it doesn't appear by then, I would contact them.

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I had a BA flight cancel on me last summer. It took two months to get my seat refunded but it did eventually show up.

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When our Business Class flights were canceled [Aug/Sept, 2021] we discovered that by using the phone # on the back of your One World card, one received much faster service. My husband is Silver, if that makes a difference.

We had six flight cancelations/changes and then our connection in Chicago was completely canceled [after a four hour delay], making that SEVEN changes. We had 24 hrs in Chicago before the next flight out. BUT- the trip was fabulous and SO worth it! AND- we received a comped upgrade to First Class for the return home flight.

Good luck!

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We had the same issue as Pat did last summer/fall. After 6 changes, terrible troubles on both phone and website we gave up on the flight over. Rebanked the miles and just bought a direct ticket to Switzerland on Swiss. That being said our return flight on BA from CDG via LHR back to LAX never changed once so that was fine.

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Thanks everyone for your response and input. I found a form on the BA website to request a refund of seat purchase. They don't automatically refund it when they cancel your flight.