FIY-BEWARE: Italian trains to/from TIRANO not showing on system but running

I'm posting this more as a For Your Information advice, since it concerns a popular route. If you are making plans to travel between Milano (or Varenna) and Tirano, usually in combination with a trip on the Bernina Express, for some reason these trains are not showing on the normal queries used by Helpliners (DB/Bahn website, Trenitalia website etc). These sites are just not recognizing this important-ish rail line. However, I've got good news: train are running as always, usually on a bi-hourly frequency, and information about schedule can be found on TreNord (the railway joint-venture that operates it) website!

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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Andre, this is not new. has not shown them for a long time. The eSwiss rail site does show them.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Andre L, That's been the situation for awhile with the and Trenitalia websites. Varenna-Esino doesn't even show up on either site. When checking train details on that route, I've resorted to using the website, as it's always been reliable. Cheers!