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First time cruise(r)

Hello All:

My wife and I are taking our first 6day/5night cruise later this month on Carnival. Having never been on a cruise, we were wondering if there was anything that we should prepare for, or take with us? Does the ship have phone / internet service? Will our cell phones work out on the open water? The ship goes to Ensenada, Cabo and other stops in Mexico. We want to enjoy our cruise to the fullest and make sure we don't miss out on anything.

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Each ship and cruise destination is a different adventure. I have been lucky to have been on several cruise lines to various ports of call. I would go to the lines web site. They will, most likely, have a description of the ship you will be on. Call your phone service, they will be able to inform you on your cell coverage. If you like a cocktail before your meals, like I do, I bring my own bottle with me. I place it in my luggage. As long as you pour your drink in your cabin, you should not have a problem. Beverages, I have found, are expensive at their bars and dinning areas. I would stay away from the excersions "pushed" by the cruise line. They get a "cut" of the profits. As a result, very expensive. Once off the ship at your port of call, there will be plenty of cabs, or tourist places to make your arrangements. If you preplan, you can make your sightseeing arrangements prior to your departure. Other than the items mentioned, enjoy the shows, meals, and haa wonderful relaxing time.

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I cruised recently on Holland America (owned by Carnival) and I believe they will not allow you to bring your own alcohol on board. H-A had wine and other drink "packages" (like a fifth of rum and a few cans of pop) that you could order to your room. I found prices to be about what you would pay in a shore-side restaurant--more expensive than in your living room but not extra-expensive just because you are on a ship. Check their website to be sure about their carry-on policy.

I was also cruising the "Mexican Riviera" and my cell phone did not work when we were at sea. I was able to connect to a network (roaming) when we were in port. You will have a phone in your room--compare those rates to your cell phone roaming charges, or just use a calling card from a payphone on shore. The ship will probably have an internet "cafe"; you'll be able to find that on their website too. Happy Cruising!

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Have you tried this posting on a web site that specializes in cruising rather that Europe as this one does?

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I just posted here because it was listed as a "Travelers' Helpline". I did find a link on these forums for, so I will continue my queries there. Thanks.