Ferry from La Spezia to Sardinia/ than Sardinia to Sorrento/Naples

We want to travel from Cinque Terre area to Sardinia by ferry. I understand that their is a ferry that travels from La Spezia to Sardinia. We want to arrive in Sardinia- Cagliari on APRIL 30th- Than depart from Cagliari to Sorrento/ or Naples area also by ferry. Having a difficult time finding out which company's and fares.
Would consider flying out of Sardinia-Cagliari to Naples if reasonable. Thanks Mary

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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Tirrenia operates ferries between Cagliari and Napoli.

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Mary, this is a bit tricky indeed but we love ferry travel and have done it before. However, at the moment it looks like neither Corsica & Sardinia Ferries nor Moby Lines connect Sardinia with La Spezia. They both sail from and to Livorno. Moby Lines also sails to Sardinia from Genova. Tirrenia, a Moby Lines subsidiary, offer services from Cagliari to Naples. Don't fly. Taking those ferries is relaxing and almost like a short cruise.