Ferries from Piraeus to Santorini

Hello! I'm about to book airfare to Greece for this July, but I'm worried about how many ferries go from Piraeus to Santorini each day. Right now it looks like the only ferries are at 7 am or leaving after 4 pm for an overnight trip. If those are the only ones I'm thinking I'd have to leave a day earlier than I planned, but I'm hoping there will be more ferries added to the schedule as we move into the summer. Thank you!

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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It's either at 7am (fast hydrofoil) or 7:25am (slow ferry). Otherwise you have an evening departure with arrival at 1am with the fast boat (but not everyday). Consider flying also. It's a quick flight from Athens with Aegean/Olympic. There are two flights daily now in winter, but in summer there are many more choices.