FCO Airport to Hotel de la Ville in Civitavecchia

Is there a shuttle from FCO Airport to Hotel de la Ville in Civitavecchia? If not can I get one to the port and if so I hear its a 5 min walk from the hotel to the port, is the true?
Thanks CC

Posted by Frank
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No. Probably 40 miles or more to Civita... The airport is SW of Rome and Civita is NW of Rome along the coast. And no shuttles to the port. You only choice would be a taxi or a hired car and driver. If using public transit you would need to taken the train into Rome and then to Civita.... There are a couple of ways to do that either via Termini or a short cut via the Trastevere station. Saves going all the way into Rome but only have access to the slower R (regional) trains. Don't know if the hotel is within five mins of the port. We have pass through Civit... six times and I cannot remember seeing a hotel that close but I was not looking very hard. Assume you are going for a cruise. There is little to see or do in Civita... so no real advantage to staying there prior to a cruise. We always stay in Rome near Termini and catch the train to the port. It is easy. The Civit... train station is about a 15 min walk to the port along the beach. And the train is about 45 mins to 1 hr 15 depending on the train. It is a commuter run with three to four trains an hour.