Fast Track Express to Rome

Have any of you used this new Fast Track Express to is supposedly on $16.00pp round trip if you purchase on line with Whom I have never heard of. I can not find any info on them on Cruise Critic or any of the other travel blogs. Any info you can share would be most helpful. Are they just the new guy in town, are the legit ?? Thanks

Posted by Lesley
Sidney, BC, Canada
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Copied from the website Finally a faster, more comfortable way to get to Rome for those visiting the eternal city on a day excursion from the port of Civitavecchia (see here). After a few days test period for the service, run in October 2010, on April 2011 Trenitalia, in collaboration with 2 other privately owned transportation companies, has begun regular offering of a seasonal Fast Express train for round trip service to Rome St. Peter's station. See the newspaper press release announcing the new awaited service: Original Italian Version, English version translated with Google Tranlste. This NON-Stop train reaches Rome in only 40 minutes, and connects the Port of Rome (Civitavecchia) to St. Peter's station in Rome (near the Vatican). No mention of cost but it would be 16 Euro, not Dollars. As Trenitalia is involved one supposes it is fairly legit. Departure: Civitavecchia train station 9:30 AM arrives at Rome (St. Peter's station) at 10:10 AM
Return: Rome (St. Peter's station) 4:40 PM arrives at Civitavecchia train station at 5:20 PM NOTE: This service does not run on a regular schedule. It is offered only on those days where there is a much higher affluence of cruise line traffic (see schedule/availability in the Book Now Section of this page).