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Fare Search: Destination Unknown

Looking for help finding a search engine (or some other method) where I can input my starting airport (SFO/OAK/SJC) and find a flight and hotel package to destition unkown. Anybody have any advice? The idea is that I want to budget about $1,000 and could leave pretty much any time up until the winter holidays. Of course I do care where I go, I would pick something from one of the packages that met my other criteria. And it has to be somewhere my wife doesn't want to go, since this will be just me... Any ideas? The closest I've found is the Budget Travel Mag's top 40 vacation deals.



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I have found that flight and hotel packages through airlines are much pricier than what I have been able to do on my own by grabbing a flight through an airline website and then booking my small hotels (with Rick's book recommendations) myself directly with the hotel.

Airfares are not cheap anymore - I just paid $977 for SJC-FCO then VCE-SFO for Dec 13-23.