Fair Fare ATL-BUD and PRG to ATL

Is $728 a good price from Atlanta to Budapest open jaw; and from Prague to Atlanta. Going over 3/24/2014 and coming back 4/08/2014.
Once again Clark Howard came to the rescue on a United Airline special fare. I spotted it on his website in daily travel specials, and it saved me $250ish a ticket. Clark has saved travelers $ millions over the years.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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David, $728 is a really good fare. How many stops? How many different airlines? I ask because I can see $710 fares on Kayak. But, they are all 2-stop and most are multiple airlines. An Air Canada/Lufthansa arrangement is amongst these low fares and that partnership is quite good. Air Canada can do this on their own airline but you go via Canada and it is 2-stop. I see the United 2-stop deal at $740 on Cheap Tickets. All trips seem to be 14hr-16hr trips. I'm curious to know the particulars of your possible deal. I also see the one-stop runs at about $1,000. If you can put up with the plane and airport changes, it's a good fare.

Posted by James E.
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I've never had any luck with "the best fare". There was always an issue with unrealistic connections.