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Extra luggage: leave keep it with you, ship home, or store at airport/rail

Small problem, I'm going to Debrecen Hungary in October for an athletic competition and then afterward a bit of touristing. Problem is that I carry my athletic gear, fencing mask, foils, uniform etc, in a hard shelled bag originally used for golf equipment. You've probably seen similar ones at airports. They're somewhat oversized still most airlines allow them. My problem is that after the competition what do I do with the bag? I'll be traveling from Budapest to Paris by rail. My other luggage is a carry on bag and a back pack. At first glance it seems my options are: 1.) schlepp the bag with me 2.) ship the bag home 3.) leave the bag in storage in Budapest and then return to Budapest for it. But each option seems to practical issues some of which are obvious but I keep thinking there may be ones that I'm not aware of. So I would appreciate any helpful comments.

1.) Keeping the bag with me is just plain awkward. I've not gotten a read on rail travel from Budapest to Paris but it may require connections and while I've schlepped this and similar bags around airports it's always a pain. And while it's big and awkward would it be attractive to thieves?
2.) Shipping it home. Is this a cost effective alternative? Anyone ever done something similar? Weight is under the international limit of checked baggage. But how long will airlines keep a bag at the receiving end? No one at home to receive it but the cat.
3.) Leaving the bag in storage in Budapest means of course that I have to retrace my journey to Budapest. Did this once in Vienna. Worked ok leaving the bag at the Airport which had storage. But not sure about wanting to retrace my journey. Might be an adventure or a real pain.

It's been ten years since I did this last and things do change. So appreciate any knowledgeable travelers advice.

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First, fly rather than take a train. The train journey is 15+ hours and requires at least one change. The airline trip is 2 hours and 20 minutes with Air France. The trick is to buy a round trip ticket, then toss the return. That way you can get a decent price of $167 to $220 plus fee for the bag maybe.
Or book your flight as a multi city itinerary, US>Budapest>Paris>US.
Once in Paris, you could store it at the airport until you are ready to come home.

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Can't you fight the thieves off? You have all the equipment.

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you know youre not going to need/use it so i would send it back home. Unless you want some additional exercise on your vacation.

shipping will be somewhat expensive, but compare that to lugging it around. that choice is up to you.

Im heading to Budapest this sept so i have already done some homework as to shipping cost. just an fyi, if youre going to make a habit of taking your sport all around the world and doing some traveling later, i would check the costs of shipping stuff home before you go.

So far on my travels i ship stuff home all the time. Its on the spendy side, but id rather do that than lug an extra box from each country around every time. Sometimes i can consolidate and ship every other country, but that will depend on what i buy and bring with me too.

But what i have in my notes for shipping stuff home for me and these weights are for me and my needs.

2 kg ~ 4 lbs ~ 60 United Stated dollars (USD).
4 kg ~ 8 lbs ~ 65 USD.

you can try and see what you think for your stuff.

happy trails.

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I am with an earlier poster. Fly to Paris and store the bag there.

(yes, someone will come on here and post "horror" stories about how doing the 'throwaway" return is against the airline rules and they can do horrid things to you. But.... that only happens is you are a business traveler and this once a week LOL! I have done it quite often and lived to tell!)

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Fly to Paris and store at CDG until you go home. Shipping that hard shelled golf bag will not be cheap as I expect it weighs quite a bit more than the 8lbs for $65. It is also large so the shipping rates are higher for larger parcels.

Bagages du Monde does the left luggage at CDG - it should run €44 for the first 4 days then €7 per 24 hours after that.

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Hi guys and thanks for the comments.
I take it that no one thinks leaving the bag in Budapest and returning there makes sense.

Karen, the one thing we try to keep from saying to any authority is that we carry the means of protecting ourselves. Yes Mr. TSA man it's all sporting equipment as you can see by the golf bag it's in. Long story about all that. Used to be we called it dueling and the authorities frowned nowadays we call it tournaments and everyone is better off. Actually does have have major advantages when it's just for fun.

But the tradeoff between schlepping it into Paris and just shipping it home is cost. As I've not yet made travel arrangements is there any sensible way to sound the airlines out about shipping something home before I return? And making a three point ticket? San Fran SFO, Budapest, Paris, SFO? I'll see what I can of eastern Europe in the several days I allotted to jet lag recovery. before competing. Darn, I had such nice adventures back in the day on the train. Especially London to Zurich. Guess I'm past that now. ;)

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You can fly open jaw - SFO - BUD then CDG - SFO

Buy a separate one way ticket - BUD - CDG - $88 on Air France - I expect there will be a baggage fee for the sporting equipment

I priced it both ways - SFO - BUD - CDG - SFO and then SFO - BUD and CDG - SFO - putting all three legs on one ticket was $200 more than the just the two legs - it will be cheaper to buy the BUD - CDG separate

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The problem is Ryan Air does not fly to CDG. They fly to Beauvais which is ways outside of Paris with only buses to Paris, and no services there. Fly Air France to CDG, where there are luggage storage services and where you will fly back to North America from. Then you can pick up your stored gear before your flight and check it in there for the flight home.

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Mr. Espada.
Espada means sword in Spanish, if that is your real last name I think it's very appropriate for a fencer.

You should buy a ticket with air France:
Going: SFO > CDG > BUD
Returning: BUD > CDG > SFO
However on the return trip, you would extend your layover in Paris (CDG) for a few days.
Some airline allow that at no extra cost, others might charge extra.
Try to call air France. Then Try the multi city option on Kayak and see what comes out. Then select the best option. On multi city option enter the following.
1: SFO - BUD (on the date going to Budapest)
2: BUD - CDG (on the date going to Paris)
3: CDG - SFO (on the day coming home)
On the return trip, leave your luggage at CDG while you visit Paris, as suggested above.

En garde!

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You are right Sam - I saw the Ryan air to Beauvais first - only $45! then saw the Air France $88 to CDG - just had a slight lapse when replying!

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Security checks would go smoother if you'd take off that Zorro mask.

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Since this gear is heavy, shipping will be expensive. I agree with the advice above to fly via CDG. Air France and partners (Delta, etc.) may offer the best combinations of flight schedule and price. Do avoid Beauvais airport. Easy Jet also flies BUD-CDG, if you need another option, or Transavia flies to Paris Orly airport.

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It has been 20 years but I did a similar trip with camping equipment. SFO to Helsinki. Stayed a month, left camping equipment at the airport baggage area, then Helsinki to Paris for a week. Back home through Helsinki, picked up gear and home. I fortunately left a lot of time on the return through Helsinki because they had moved my equipment into "deep" storage and it took some time to retrieve it. However those were days of non stops from SFO and cheap or no baggage fees.