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Expect extra security for upcoming travels

Just a heads-up: with current events unfolding in the world, expect there to be additional security procedures in place for upcoming flights and possibly at other transportation and/or major events.

Note: this is not an intention to get "political", just a suggestion to be more aware of heightened security as you travel. It's probably a good idea to allow some extra time for this.

For what it's worth, I flew internationally on the exact same routes/airlines/flights in late December (before the current events/increased tensions in the world) and returned just yesterday (after the first military strikes in the Middle East). My flights were between the USA and Southeast Asia, with a connection in Japan (nowhere near the region where current events are unfolding). I noticed some additional security measures yesterday on my return flights that were not present during my outbound flights 2 weeks previously. Nothing onerous or invasive, just some extra screening and additional questions (interestingly, I was asked the same questions 3 different times, all after I was already inside the security perimeter, at various extra screening spots between "security" and the aircraft boarding door). I also just received an email notification moments ago from an airline warning me to expect extra security measures for an upcoming international flight.

Given the escalating tensions in the world, travelers should expect some extra security and plan accordingly. Bring extra patience and allow more time.