Exit Stamping at CDG

We just got our Schengen visa stamp, but the expiry date is exactly the final day of our trip. We are leaving Rome on the final day but the problem is that we have a layover at CDG, Paris for several hours and our flight to India is on the next day (the day after our visa expires). We immediately contacted the Italian embassy that issued the visa (we had provided the flight details too but they seem to have overlooked it) but they insist this is not a problem. I'm however concerned that exit passport control at CDG will book us for overstay. Anybody who was in a similar situation?

Posted by Michael
Des Moines, IA
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Elegant woman: Frankly, I think you may have a problem. I wouldn't simply take someone's insistence that it won't be an issue. I mean, why wouldn't overstaying your visa (even if by just one day) be an issue for the immigration officer tasked with checking you out of the Schengen Area? I seriously doubt that the officer in France would be very understanding of an oversight by the Italian Consulate/Embassy/or whatever. If a mistake were made, they should correct it post haste. Demand they fix it before your trip. What if your passport number were incorrect on your visa...you would want to/need to have them fix it...same thing here. I wouldn't take a chance with incorrect dates. BTW, are you really an elegant woman?