Hey everyone, I'm looking on the euskotren website as I want to buy a return ticket from Hendaye/Hendaia to Amara San Sebastian...but I can't seem to find an option to actually purchase a ticket. Am I just missing it, or is it better to just buy it at the Hendaye station? Cheers,

Posted by Philip
London, United Kingdom
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Not every European rail route allows online ticket purchase. For very local services like Euskotren you probably need to buy the ticket at the station.

Posted by Lo
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The Hendaye Euskotren station is just across the parking lot from the regular French train station. We arrived at it so early in the morning from San Sebastian that I didn't notice if there were machines there to buy tickets or not. However, the French train station is tiny and staffed, so I'm sure they can tell you what to do. We went one-way from San Sebastian to Hendaye and left so early in the morning that we had to buy our tickets from the machine in San Sebastian. The train is really a commuter train and the Amara station is in a totally different location, across the river, from the Renfe train station.