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Eurostar Paris to London unaccompanied 15 year old

Hello - looking for some experiences - I have a 15-year-old needing to get to London from Paris and we hoped to put her on a Eurostar.

I was wondering how that process works at GDN in Paris - would I as her parent be allowed to accompany her past security to the train with my passport, etc or will she need to figure that out?

And how difficult is it to figure out navigating the process? She’s an experienced and confident traveler but only flown by herself many times in the US.

We have family meeting her in London - wondering what that immigration process looks like (minus Covid requirements since they may change from where they are today)

I have not taken that particular trip by train so wondering how difficult it is to navigate or if I should put her on a plane instead.

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Once she gets past the formalities prior to joining the train it will all be easy.

The carriages and seats are clearly labelled so she just follows the signs over the bridge, down to the train, and along to her carriage.

All formalities for both France and the UK are completed after check in.

In London, off the train and follow the signs. She will walk along a long corridor ala Heathrow with opaque glass which is actually one-way glass with immigration and customs agents behind it watching the passengers but only rarely arranging an interview. The path zig-zags down to street level and like at most international airports the passengers come out of one set of frosted glass into the main station. If her relatives wait just outside the frosted glass doors they will see her coming down. It should be just a couple or so minutes after she steps off the train. Perhaps she could call or WhatsApp them as she is about to get off the train?

Follow the link in joe32F's post for what needs to happen in Paris, what you need to do, and be sure to get her there with plenty of time.

Is she fairly self-assured? Does she need any reassurance from us?

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Thank you for the detailed info! She is probably over-assured - Mom needs the reassurance!!