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EuroStar Paris to London today

As Frank II covered the EuroStar from London to Paris, I thought to cover the reverse trip in case anyone can use the info. YMMV.

Travelers are advised to arrive 2 hours in advance these days. We arrived about 90 minutes in advance and fairly sailed through check-in.

  • First check-in was to verify we had a Locator Form. Mine was viewed, not scanned, and hubby was waved through with me.
  • We scanned ourselves in with the codes on our tickets. No requirement for a “Landing Card” as in the past.
  • Border Control for the UK asked to see our CDC card or equivalent. No questions about the why, wherefore, or duration of our stay. Seems to me in the past they used to ask a question or two. Interesting that Border Control verified our vaxx status but no one scanned the form.
  • At the train they confirmed we had tickets and pointed us into the car. EuroStar staff were offering help to people with too much luggage. The entire train was boarded in less than 15 minutes. Amazing process!
  • The train was quite full, although the two seats opposite us were vacant. Everyone was mask compliant.
  • The onboard free WiFi was screamingly fast. Why can’t hotels do that?
  • We made our “Day 2” PCR test appointment for today so we could be on our way. Used London Medical Labs a short walk from St. Pancras. They were organized and fast but my goodness, £59 per person is usurious!

We even arrived in St. Pancras 10 minutes early. Too bad it is Arctic-cold in London! At least it’s sunny!

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The cost of the PCR test has more than halved over the past year. I had a quote of £159 previously.

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That is the first time I have ever heard of good Wifi on a Eurostar ! Lucky you.

They did away with the landing cards a couple of years ago. I know when I last went to London (sob) in April 2019, they were no longer requiring landing cards.

Enjoy your time in London, and thanks for the report !

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This info is super helpful Laurel, thank you.

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Thanks for the update. Very helpful. Can I ask a question? We are going to "transit" LHR. Eurostar Paris-London. Stay 1 night in an airport hotel & fly out the following day. we will not be in London 2 days. In your opinion would we need to schedule a 2 day test? (that we would not be there to take) I thought I saw something about passengers transiting airside only not needing a test. We will be in London about 14 hours

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Negative COVID test after 8 weeks in Europe! Guess we did it right…so far. Nest test is 3 days before travel to the US. A little worried about lack of masking and maintaining some distance in England.

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You're not transiting LHR. You have to enter the UK and travel from St Pancras station to LHR.
You transit when you stay airside. It's up to Eurostar whether they will permit you on board. Ask them.
It's confusing but scroll down to the area about transiting England.

Thanks. I did look on your link before but this time I found the definitive sentence. Yes! I do have to schedule & pay for a 2nd day test.
From your link: If you will be in England for less than 2 days you still need to book and pay for a day 2 COVID-19 test.

I was hoping that the airline test was going to be enough. ahh, well....most problems can be solved with money. I'll bring it up with PM Boris Johnson if I bump into him