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Eurorail VS Europass HELP!!

My husband and I will be traveling in France, Germany, Austria and Germany in April. We would like to train to all our locations, so what would be the best for us? Is there actually a difference b/w the two? And when it says 5 days in two months, does that mean each time you get on a different train, or could we take several little trains between cities in one day and it only count as one? Can one or both get us a discount on our chunnel tickets from London?? Help! THANK YOU!

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It says "days". That means from midnight (00:00, morning) to midnight (24:00, night) and you can ride all the trains you want during that time, or, if it includes a night train that you board after 7 PM and stay on until 4:00 the next morning, from 19:00 one day to midnight the next (you only indicate the second day on your rail pass).