Europe route help needed ! :)

I need help choosing a route for our 2014 backpacking through Europe ! Two years ago we ( me, my husband and our son , 6 then , 9 next year ) spent a month and a half traveling around Europe with the train but this time we want to do it in a simpler way and maybe do 2 months. In 2011 we visited : Paris, Dusseldorf, Munich + Bavaria castles, Salzburg, Venice, Rome and Barcelona. For the 2014 trip we are thinking to see more of Spain, Nice/Cannes area, Florence/ Pisa, Venice, Wien, Prague, Bruxelles/ Amsterdam, Paris. We are thinking June and July so I think we should start in Spain and around those countries and finish in Paris . Which parts are good for euro pass and which one for airplane ? Should I add other cities on the way or take one out ? We love everything so we want cities and country areas to see . Any reviews on couch surfing or hostels that have family rooms ? Any advice is greatly appreciated !!!!
Thank you :) .

Posted by John
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Wow! You are true warriors! Congratulations! Now we travel in Portugal and Spain a couple of years ago and it was easy, then, to find private lodging in homes via local shops and travel agencies. We're currently planning Italy/Eastern Europe for September 2013. In Italy we found that Ecoturismo places (small farms like outside noisy cities) are within our budget and our interest. In Eastern Europe, on the other hand, Rick is saying that Croatia is the Country where you can find private lodging, called SOBE. In any case, will feed you more info as we travel along in Italy. On the other hand, I still have a question-- do you mind sharing how much did spent on your backpacking through Europe two years ago?.
Saludos-Auguri John

Posted by Roda
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Thanks for the info John . Our trip 2 years ago was not planned, we went to Europe for a reason and ended up traveling around it ! :) We did not go backpacking , we had a lugage with us and stay at hotels and we bough euro passes. We spend 2 nights in an overnight train ( loved it ) and a week with family. I am not sure how much exactly we spent but it was around $ 15,000 or so .

Posted by Fred
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Hi, Umless ou want to visit or see something specific in Brussels/Amsterdam, I would suggest dropping these two places. Put that extra time in Wien, Paris and/or Venice. Try the Wombats hostel in Wien. I stay at the one at Westbahnhof (west train station). If you're not adverse to taking a night train, I suggest Wien Westbahnhof to Frankfurt, arr ca 0600, change there to Paris.

Posted by Roda
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Thanks Fred , we already visited Venice and Paris , but we wanna spend couple of more days in each . Never been to Brussels / Amsterdam so we where thinking to see them as well. Thanks for the info, I will look into it :) .