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I want to plan a trip for Aoril-May but the Eurolines website has a timetable only till March. Do they change the timetable drastically or can I plan assuming that they'll continue with the same plan? Also, the website mentions "It is not possible to use the Pass for more than 2 journeys (one return) between the same city." Is it a typo? Do they mean 'between the same cities'? meaning that I can't use the bus to make two trips to Vienna from Frankfurt, for example? Or do they mean I can't leave from Frankfurt for any destination more than twice? Example, I can't do Frankfurt-Vienna-Prague-Frankfurt and after a break Frankfurt-Amsterdam-Brussels-Frankfurt? If any of you has had an experience using the Eurolines Pass recently please advise me! I need the pass for two 60+ people, so they can't go from one place to another continually. They will need mini breaks before starting another journey. That's why I need to know if they can return to Frankfurt multiple times in a month.
Thanks in advance.

Posted by David
Friendswood, TX, USA
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You can go to facebook and pose that question in "message". I posed the same question in regards to "between same cities", which I think was poorly worded. It means you cannot do this, going from cities A to B to A to B. I question I had was whether it was possible to visit both Dublin and Edinburgh from London using the pass. Their answer was check with the eurolines in London. Of course you can, if you pay the individual fares.