Euro pass for train travel, Spain/Italy

Hi- We are traveling to Madrid in April then want to take the train to Seville. From Seviile we are going to fly to Rome, and will be traveling by train to various cities. Is it possible to buy a euro pass for 5 days (we will be traveling by train on 5 days during this trip), valid in both countries on the high speed trains? And do we need to make reservations on the trains we want to ride in advance? As we understand espically the train from Madrid to Seville gets booked early... Thanks!

Posted by Frank
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You info on train travel is not very accurate. Where are you getting your info? With the limited amount of train travel, a pass would not save any money even if a pass was a available. Italian trains are very cheap and with the additional fees for reservations with a pass, they rarely paid off. The only reason to make advance reservation is to take advantage of advance ticket purchase discounts. It is rare for any train, except night trains, to sell out so you can almost always get a last minute ticket. There are generally trains nearly every hour or so. The discounted advance purchase tickets can be very cheap but lock you into a specific schedule and if you miss a train the tickets are useless.