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eurail vs local trains

I'm sure there is a simple, straightforward answer to this: If I have a consecutive 2 mo pass on eurail does this override all local train, country operated train tickets? does eurail cover all trains in europe or just their 'brand' of trains ? I hope that purchasing the consecutive pass will cover all train tickets during the time the pass the valid and the many countries it includes..
also after reading other's posts I have noticed all the european train websites you use to check schedules make reservation etc. it seems very confusing and time consuming - is all that absolutly neccasary?

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o I also meant to ask if women traveling the train system alone should have a reason to worry? even on night trains? by this I mean is there a risk greater than in the u.s. of theft, abuse etc?? any specific security measures to take (other than street smarts) ?

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Please spend some time on this site by clicking the "Railpasses" tab above, lots of info. But the short answers to your questions. A rail pass covers basic transportation on nearly all Government and Private rail systems in the country(s) where the pass is valid, only a very few short private lines are not covered. At one time, a pass covered nearly all transportation, but with the advent of premium trains between most large destinations, the pass, IMHO, is less valuable. If you use the pass on a premium train (translate as fast and direct) you may have to pay both an upgrade fee (think economy to business class) and possibly a reservation fee. The various sites are valuable for schedule info (how many trains, premium or not?, how long is the travel time) and really just the German site,D-Bahn, will work for that. For costs though, you need to use the national site of the country you are traveling in (SCNF, Trenitalia, etc.)

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reservations are necessary on many trains that have assigned seats. These are generally the fast trains. Think of it this way -- the train operator has no idea whether you're going to use your pass on a particular train or not, so even if you have a pass you still need a reservation so they have a seat for you. There is often a fee for the reservation, or a surcharge to take a fast train. Depends on the country.

Rick has a nice explanation of all this (better than I wrote!) above. Click on the link at the top of this page that says "Railpasses", and then click on "Using your pass".

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There is no such thing as Eurail trains. Eurail is not a train operator, only a marketing organisation ovned by the countries' respective train companies. Thus the tickes are valid on all state owned trains of the countries concerned and on many private railroads as well.