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Our trip will begin in Paris for just a few days, then to Switzerland and Germany. We purchased point to point tickets from Paris to Basel and then our Eurail Pass (Germany and Switzerland) kicks in. Since we have only a 20 minute connection and need to get our passes validated before boarding the train at Basel, can we do the validation in advance while in Paris at a travel agent or train station or prior to boarding the train in Paris at a ticket window/agent?

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New here, and don't know how to post separate topic...sorry. I read Rick Steves book on Austria-Germany and in the book he says that if your only travel in Austria is Salzburg, then all you need is a german rail pass as Salzburg is the first stop in Austria from Munich.

We will be staying in Salzburg, but doing day trips into Germany. I'd prefer to only purchase a German pass. Can anyone confirm that the German rail pass will allow travel from Salzburg to Germany and reverse?


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Your tagging on to someone else's post with a new question, but if you are doing day trips to Bavaria, don't get a pass. Just buy a daily Bayern Ticket for 23 euro plus 4 euro for each additional person and travel all day anywhere in Bavaria (plus Salzburg) after 9 am on local trains.