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Eurail mobile pass

I just purchased Eurail global mobile passes for my five family members. I am trying to load the tickets to the mobile app, but it does not seem to allow more than one ticket to be loaded to the same trip. Is there any way to load all five mobile passes to the same phone so that we don't need to try to keep track of everyone's phones? I noticed that you can set up multiple "trips" within the app. Do I just create a separate trip for each person then load one ticket to each trip on the one phone? It seems like it should be easier to track our five passes.

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As you just likely spent a small fortune on these passes, shouldn't the third party reseller that sold you the tickets be available to help you with these technical issues?

Eurail passes are a luxury item and, therefore, you should be appropriately supported by the company that sold you the passes.

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As Emily said, contact the place that sold you the pass. Tickets are for each named individual, not a group. One ticket per phone sounds correct.

How did the mobile passes end up working for you. I thought I had enough time to order a paper version, but deliver is showing 6 weeks out, so I need to use the mobile version.