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Eurail Flexi Questions

I used the engine at to determine my best course. It told me to use a 10 day Youth Flexi and then pay for the shortest trips out of pocket.

The limitation of the program is when I spend several nights at one place (for example, Cinque Terre), which is a combination of several smaller towns. How do I get from town to town if I am on a Flexi pass?

What is the better choice:
1) Buying a Eurail Global 1 Month Pass and use unlimited for $780?


2) Buy a 10-day Eurail Flexi for $572, and pay out of pocket for a few rides? How do you get from one small town to the next? How much can I expect it to cost?

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Also I have read that taking the Eurostar to get from London to Paris is the best way (even though it can be $80, while a Easyjet flight from LGW to CDG may be $50), but what about going from Amsterdam to London? Is flight my only option?

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To get the most out of your pass, buy point-to-point tickets for the cheapest days (such as your CT example). Your pass is good for those short rides, but not a good value.

How you get from Amsterdam to London is up to you. Besides flying there are trains (via chunnel) and ferries (from Hoek to Harwich, for instance). I think there are also buses that use the ferry.

So you have many choices.