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Error while booking Paris to Rome train (Palatino) on trenitalia

1) I am trying to book travel on 7/25 for 4. The train shows correctly upon search (Palatino)
2) I select smart price for 4, class as 2 and seating as "C4 couchette" (mixed)
3) Leave coach and seat number empty as I have no clue which numbers to put
4) Select 4 berths from graphic description.
5) Ticket Delivery as self service (even though it says not valid for departing station) because second option (delivery) is not possible.
6) Clicking "continue" at the bottom page takes me to the next page where I am asked to login. I login and hit continue
7) I consistently get an error here - "An error has occured during the buying process. Please key in your data again (error 2100)"

Any idea what could be wrong?


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Ok, I have a feeling that there is no space on the train. I did not encounter an error when I tried the month of August.

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I did a dummy booking for 25 July at and could have completed it had I chosen to do so. Therefore I assume that the train is NOT full.