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"Electronic immigration" at EWR?

Im reading here from time to time about new possibilities to do the immigration process partly electronically at self service kiosks. I didn't know of them on my last trip in spring. Does that procedure apply to US residents only or also to travellers under the ESTA program? And are there such kiosks available in Newark? Thanks!

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Logan Airport in Boston has had kiosks for a couple of years, and when I went through it this May, I seem to remember one of the agents yelling out that people with US passports and those who had used ESTA before go to one line and first time ESTA users go to another line.

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I seem to remember at EWR that kiosks are for US passports and permanent residents only. There’s also an App for that, but it’s tedious to use if you don’t pay the Silicon Valley “Bro’s.”

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You only have to pay for Mobile passport if you want them to store your info. I have used the non pay version w zero issue.

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Thanks to all of you. So I will have to use the "personal service", as always.