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I am thinking about using EasyJet on my next trip to fly from Madrid to Toulouse. Anyone have experience with EasyJet? Are there any hidden fees? Otherwise, the fares look pretty good.

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EasyJet is my favorite of the budget airlines that I have flown with. There are no hidden fees -- everything is listed on their website. You have to be sure to check their requirements for check in times and luggage restrictions, but that's the same with any airline. My flights have been on time and comfortable, with very friendly staff.

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We've used EasyJet between London & Zurich and London & Amsterdam and everything went well. I do remember that the check-in desk at the Zurich airport was a very, very long way from the gate and we began to think we would not make it in time. Another reason to check in early.

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Used them on our last trip, flying from Madrid to Marrakesh. No problems, no hassles. As others have said, just read the details on luggage and other restrictions carefully, follow their rules and it's fine.

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Used EasyJet several times and never had a problem. In fact I would say my checked luggage has been delivered faster by them than by any other airline I have used. If you are travelling from Noth America, just be aware that their luggage weight limits are less than teh airline you use to get to Europe. As someone said - read the fine print.

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Easy jet, for me, is a fabulous budget airline and I have often used it. If you are in about the first 34 passengers to arrive, you are allowed on first to pick your seat and then its a free for all. We always take our own snacks or sandwiches with us as they charge for any food or drink . Best part is that the carry-on is based on the measurement of you bag and not the weight so you can rally cram stuff into a soft sided nylon bag.We are already booked to fly with them again from Athens to Milan where we can pick up an Air Berlin flight to Berlin...this is another good budget airline.... Dont even hesitate. I would avoid Skyeurope as they seem to be in financial difficulty. Hope this helps