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Easyjet Advice

Looking for advice on booking a one way inter-Europe flight (maybe), probably Venice to London as it looks like Ljubljana to London only has red-eye flights that are non-stop . Our flights from and to the US are all on one ticket, this one would be separate within Europe. Any advice or pretty strait forward? Never booked a one way inter-Europe flight before. Thanks!

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Our flights from and to the US are all on one ticket

From the clues provided, I deduce you have a US-London-US ticket.
You are trying to get from Ljub to London to catch your return to US flight?

If so, get to London the day before your flight to the US.

Buying an easyjet ticket looks to be the same process as with most airlines. Not ever used them, but comments I have read is they are sticklers for adherence to their rules regarding baggage etc.

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I have used Easy Jet many a time all one ways it is straight forward. All airlines have different ways of doing things so read and follow their rules for baggage and seat selection and nothing will go wrong.

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Have flown easy jet. Just like any other budget airline. Understand the baggage rules and costs and it fine.

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It’s my default airline within Europe. They are fine and usually efficient. Their baggage policy unfortunately changed last year (they reduced the hand luggage size) so make sure you comply with the rules.

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Check British Airways for the day you want to travel. I see they have nonstop flights 9:15 am and another going out at 1:20 pm on the day I looked. It'll cost more than EasyJet, but they're easier to deal with.

I see EasyJet to have flights on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday at 20:55 (nights.)

We too have flown EasyJet a few times--mostly out of Gatwick. When they say one carry on item, they mean one carry on item--including a handbag. And they will often measure and weigh the carry on bag too. Their posted rules are pretty stringent.

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We have flown them several times over the years. As long as you follow all their baggage rules it will be an easy trip. The agents will eye people boarding and if your luggage looks oversize they will weigh it and/or make sure it meets the size rules. If yours doesn't, don't assume its like the US carriers where people lug stuff onto the plane obviously in excess of the rules and nobody bats an eye. Easyjet and other discount carriers mean what they say, and you'll pay a LOT for checking at the gate. If your luggage doesn't fit, then pay in advance to check it.

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EasyJet is totally fine. The biggest thing to watch out for is baggage allowances. The base prices you see only include a small carry-on that fits under the seat in front of you. For bigger carry-ons that go in the overhead compartments, you have to pay extra.

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Easyjet flies to several airports in the London area. Be sure you get the flight that takes you where you want to go or plan for surface transportation to connect.

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Thanks all! My sister and I checked our carry on bags and hers was an inch too big paying for the upgrade to allow 2 bags on board. There is a cheaper, yes cheaper, flight through BA out of Ljubljana so I think we'll be doing that one instead.

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I'm encountering very strict carryon rules for Aer Lingus and my Civita day bag doesn't even qualify. Has anyone had this issue with the RS day bag?