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How does easyJet compare to Air France for domestic France flights, other than price?

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I have only taken EasyJet. On EasyJet you'll pay extra if you want to select a seat, and you'll pay extra to check a bag. Paying the bag-check fee ahead of time (I did it when I purchased my tickets) will be a lot cheaper than paying it at the airport.

Also check the size and weight limits for carry-on bags. I just take a small tote on board, so I didn't check those limits, but they may be lower than what you'll encounter in the US.

I don't know whether Air France's policies differ from EasyJet's in these matters.

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EasyJet is fine -- just be sure you pay attention to their rules.

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easyJet is my preferred budget airline in Europe. I've always found the service reliable, but as the others have said it's important to read the Terms & Conditions carefully so that you know what to expect. I've found that it's a much nicer experience if one busy some of the optional features such as Speedy Boarding or Flexi Fares. As I recall that also allows a slightly more generous baggage allowance.