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Early flight from Fiumicino?

Our flight leaves Fiumicino at 7:50 AM. The trains don't start until 6:30 AM from Termini. Should we:
a) stay at a hotel close to the airport the night before?
b) take a taxi from our hotel in Rome - if so, how much should we pay?
c) book an airport shuttle for 5:30 AM - if so, which company and how much would it be?


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Our experience a couple of years ago with a hotel in Fiumicino was pretty dismal. Among other problems, their website said they had a free shuttle to the airport; and they didn't. We had to pay 30 euros for a taxi from the airport (1 mile!), and 15 euros to get back for our flight in the morning. I'd go for the 5:30 shuttle. Rick recommends We're going to try them for coming into Rome from the airport next month.

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I usually fly out of Rome to go back to the States and have early flights as well. I stay at the Hilton Garden Inn which is located on the airport property and have a free shuttle service to the airport, at any time of day, as well as to the centro. They also have a great breakfast!

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We recently had a very early flight out of Fiumicino and just asked our hotel to arrange for a taxi. They told us there is now a set fee for cabs from the city center to Fiumicino of 40 euro total, not per person. Check with your hotel.

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Thanks to all who left us messages. We were all set to take the train from Termini to Fiumicino at 5:52 AM when we figured out that we needed to arrive 2 hours before our flight and this would not be early enough. Instead we got a taxi who did charge us $40 Euros flat fee as someone suggested. At 5:30 AM Rome is very easy to navigate. In fact the driver wove around every car that got in his way traveling at speeds of 110 KPH for fun. Then when he got on the motorway, the drive got boring for him and started to fall asleep. We were very awake for the whole ride! Lesson learned? Early flights are really cheap but the transportation to the airport adds a premium so in the end, the cheap flight is not such a bargain.