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E-tix versus Paper

I'm curious about your experiences with electronic/paperless ticketing, particularly in and out of Europe. If you have had problems, were they severe? Would you recommend paper or paperless? Thanks.

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I prefer the E-ticket. Have used it for years. I print 2 or 3 copies ( on pink or green paper) in case I loose one. Plus I sent it to my Yahoo email.

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it also depends on how you buy it. I bought my tickets (open-jaw from LA to London then Rome to Boston, got a nice deal) from expedia and because it was a ticket with 2 different airlines i had no choice but to use paper.
As my mom said when I expressed my concerns about having paper tickets (especially the one coming home as it's after 6 weeks in Europe and the fear of losing god knows what)..... "I used a paper ticket for over 40 years and never had a problem with them"


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E-tickets are universal. Print your itinerary and have it as a backup, in case somebody asks you for proof that you have a return ticket.

Paper tickets are 20th century!

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I've gotten e-tics ever since they came out but I ran into a problem somewhere about a year ago because I didn't have a copy of my e-ticket, I couldn't believe it. Then in Madrid last year we stood in line for over an hour and when we made it to the check in, they wouldn't allow us to proceed because there had been a chg in our itenerary and we had a paper ticket and it wasn't printed on it.

Get e tics and take a copy.