Duration of train travel

We are considering taking the train from Paris to Lyon and are wondering the aprox. length of time? Searched some sights and received varying times. Thank you,

Posted by Lee
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Varying times might be because times vary depending on what what station you leave from, what route you take, and trains you take. According to the Bahn website, direct TGV connections from Gare de Lyon are about 2 hours (1:58-2:03).

Posted by Southam
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For the exact schedules, in English, go to www.tgv-europe.com and choose a country other than the US as your location. You will see just how fast the "trains at great speed", which is what tgv stands for, will carry you between the two cities. To become an expert on train travel, see www.seat61.com

Posted by Larry
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There are several 2hr non-stops from Paris Gare-de-Lyon to Lyon. I can see fares on www.tgv-europe.com as low as 25Euro. If you use this website, don't use USA as your ticket collection country. The website likes to switch USA visitors to RailEurope. Choose Canada, Great Britain or most country other than USA. Once you make the purchase, you will receive an email and you can print the TGV tickest out at home.

Posted by Lo
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What they said. I luckily learned that little pick-another-english-speaking-country-to-be-from trick last year before making reservations on the TGV from Aix-en-Provence to CDG on the day before we left for our flight home. I kept track of the timing for getting the best fares, got our tickets online and printed them before we left the States. It made a huge difference in the price for my husband and I. Now I get emails from TGV letting me know when their sales are happening. How cool is that?! Now let's see, what parts of France have we not been to yet...?