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driving the romantic to???

we are trying to find the best-easiest route to drive the romantic road. all the maps we have referred to have been very confusing...any suggestions

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There is a website,, that has a map (Karte) of the Romantic Road. They have made all the connecting roads into on numbered "highway". I believe the number is 25.

Be aware that the romantic road is very slow - winding two lane and crowded in tourist season. According to Michelin, it will take 4-1/2 hours to drive it, if you don't stop at all, but then, what is the point if you don't stop. They give an alternative route that takes about 2h 15m. I would drive the alternate route, or, if you don't need a car for anything else, take the train.

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and if you or your traveling partners are prone to car-sickness then you better take plenty of motion sickness medicine.

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I am thinking of doing the same next Spring. WOuld love to hear about your experience!

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I have driven the entire Romantic Road and it was very enjoyable.However it is slow travel and after a while you get sick of it.I suggest taking the fast road to Rothenburg and then take the Romantic Road the rest of the way.Be sure to stay in Rothenburg and take the Night Watchmans walk.It is great.We drove from North to south to Rothenburg on the fast road and then the Romantic Road to regards jack

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I have driven it several times and, for a first time trip, I concur that it is best enjoyed by going north to south and beginning in Rothenburg o.t. Also concur that it's a great idea to spend the night in Rothenburg before starting out. There are 2 other well preserved, medieval villages I'd recommend stopping to visit en route; Dinkelsbuhl and Nordlingen. You can save a little time by taking the A7 autobahn from Rothenburg down to the exit for Dinkelsbuhl. From Dinkelsbuhl south to Augsburg you'll be on the B25 and then you'll take the B17. A little way past Schongau on the B17 you'll come to the tiny town of Steingaden. In the middle of the town you'll see a sign for a left turn that goes in the direction of the Wies Kirche. This is rated as Germany's most beautiful pilgrimage church and is worth the short side trip to see. Go back to the B17 & continue to Schwangau. There are several good hotels there with views of the Royal Castles & there's no need to go on to Fussen.

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We had a car with a navigation system. If you can get a car with one, we highly recommend it.

We drove from Munich to Rothenburg o.d.t. on the Autobahn, stayed in Rothenburg for two nights, and then drove the Romantic Road southbound. It is a beautiful drive through the countryside, and the road is fairly well marked, however, even with the navigation system, we missed a couple of the signs and had to turn around to get back on track. Since the road is only two lanes and we were on our way to Switzerland, we decided to get on the A-7 after lunch at Dinkelsbuhl. However, the navigation system didn't know that the road from Dinkelsbuhl to the A-7 was closed for construction, so we decided to enjoy the scenery and stayed on the Romantic Road until we reached Augsburg, where we picked up the A-8 to the A-7 and then went on into Switzerland.