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Driving Questions for Salzburg/Reutte,Fussen Trip

We had a couple of questions about driving in and around the Salzburg area and then to Reutte/Fussen. Our trip will be from 16 Oct through the 29th.

1. Is driving to Melk then visiting Mauthausen on the way back to Salzburge as a day-trip doable in mid-October?
2. If driving from Salzburg, is it still best to set aside an entire day to visit Berchtesgaden, Eagles Nest and the park?
3. Michelin maps shows a 7,7 euros road tax for driving in Austria. Is this a daily tax or do you just pay it once when you rent the car? Our plan is to rent the car in Munich then drive to Salzburg, on to Bavaria, and then return the car back in Munich prior to departure back to USA.

As always, thanks for your assistance.


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hi Dave, i can only answer one of your questions, the road tax sticker is called a vignette, you can purchase it at any gas station when you enter Austria, the 7.7 euros is a vignette good for 10 days.

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I have been to Berchtesgaden twice and spent two full days (3 nts) there both times. There is a lot there to see. At the base of the mountain below the Eagle's Nest is the Dokumentation Center. It and the Nest, together, are easily worth a full day. You can also spend the better part of one day cruising on the Königssee. Go all the way up to the Obersee, at the end of the lake.

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We drove to Berchtesgaden from Salzburg. It was a half-day just to tour the salt mines without visiting Eagle's Nest. I would plan a full day.

The vignette, as has been said is for ten days and is only required if you will drive on the Autobahn. It's possible to drive off the highway and not need it. We picked ours up at what looks like a truck stop on the border.

You also need an orange safety vest to drive legally. You can either pick one up at AAA here or buy it at the truck stop on the border where you get your vignette. It wasn't expensive and now it's a souvenir in my car at home.

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? I have traveled that area in October; the weather was great.

1 Yes it is doable as a day trip, but you won’t have much time for seeing sights.

2 Yes, devote a whole day to Berchtesgaden; there is much driving and walking involved .

3 I found a webpage stating: In Austria, Autobahn Vignettes are available for 10 days ( 7.70 euros USD $ 12)

Driving on an Austrian Autobahn without a Vignette can result in fines of up to 3,000 euros (USD4.750) although first time offenders are usually “only” 300 euros (USD475) out of pocket.

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Check and see if the car you rent already has a sticker on it. We rented in Munich and did the same cities. We bought a sticker and went to put it on the car and it already had one.