Driving intinerary in Europe

Hi, I am looking to plan a 10 day holiday in March/April next year. we want to do a driving holiday - starting in france - having got the Euro star over. Not necessarily keeping to France - we are happy to take in other countries but don't want to be driving 8 hour days. we will have our little girl 18 mths with us. Can anyone suggest an intinerary and any great places to stay and things to see.
Thanks in advance.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Sandra, do you have a car in London? If so, why not take it with you and use the Eurotunnel instead of what looks like you are proposing of Eurostar to Paris and then hire a car there? That's what I do and it works well. Your daughter would have a familiar car and a familiar car seat and you could pop all her toddler stuff in the boot before you left home. Without knowing what has attracted you to this journey and what you like and want to see, and without knowing what you have seen before and enjoyed it is a very, very broad question. I could send you to the Code d'Azur via Provence and Montelimar and Beaune but if you prefer Alsace and Reims and Metz it would be worthless. So, more information would be very helpful...

Posted by Sandra
London, UK
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Apologies i did mean the Eurotunnel - yes we will have our own car. I am not really familiar with the smaller places in Europe so it is difficult for me to be a little more prescriptive. I would like to combine beach/coastal with small pretty local villages inland. It would also be nice to do some mountain driving as a different angle but i assume this is not a good idea given the time of year that we will be driving and some mountain passes will be inaccessable. In summary, we are more about small/medium size villages - getting a real feel of local life rather than big cities and the high-life. Hope this helps.