Drive from Lyons to Chamonix

In my quest to try and fit in Chamonix. I'm considering renting a car to drive to Chamonix from Lyons instead of taking the train. What's the drive like? And what route. We would like to go through Anncey. Should we plan to spend the night in Chamonix, Saint Gervais, Anncey or Geneva? And is the trip weather dependent. Main attraction is the gondola on Mt. Blanc.
Thanks in advance for any tips.

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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You can take the route almost entirely on a freeway, except for the last few kms which are on a expressway. Easy and beautiful drive. If you want to take the gondolas up to Aiguili du Midi, sleep in Chamonix and visit the place early in the day (I like to climb mountain cable cars first thing in the morning to watch them get more and more sunlit, changing their colors)