Does this sound accurate?

I've done my homework on train travel and wanted to see if this sounds right. We are travelling at the beginning of November to Switzerland & Italy, and then returning on the train through Paris to England (staying in England a few days before coming back to the US). Because of the 2 for 1 deal on a Swiss Pass right now (there are 3 of us travelling), it looks like a Swiss Pass plus point to point in Italy, the trip from Milan to Paris, and the Eurostar back to London, will be less expensive than a Eurail Select 3 country, 5 or 6 day pass. Does that seem right? Also, do you save money buying your Italy point to point tickets ahead (now), as opposed to when we are there? This train stuff has been the trickiest part of the trip!!

Posted by Bob
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Hi Heidi. For local trains in Italy, no discounts, just wait and buy when there. But for major intercity routes, there are big savings buying in advance if you are OK to lock in your date and time. See (The 'base' price shown is what you will pay if you buy in Italy at the last minute.) For Milan to Paris, one option to save time would be to fly on EasyJet. Enjoy your trip!

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Bob has given you excellent advice. Flying from Milan to Paris on easyJet will save you both time and money. Book your Eurostar tickets NOW at The longer you wait, the higher the fare. Last-minute tickets are expensive.

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Heidi, you are correct; generally the combination of Swiss Pass plus P2P tickets for Italy and France works best. That is especially true now with the two for one Swiss Pass. Are you still traveling from the Montreux area to Venice? The fare from Montreux to Milan on SBB, using a Swiss Pass, is 20 CHF. If you do not have a day left on your Swiss pass for this trip, you can buy an advance purchase discounted ticket now on SBb for 36 CHF. Regular fare is 72 CHF. Then buy Milan to Venice now on Trenitalia if there are discount tickets available. And definitely get your Eurostar tickets ASAP. Those prices go up sharply as the date approaches.