Does anyone know anything about

I'm trying to find a flight from Barcelona to Bordeaux for the 4th of February and has some ridiculously good prices for Air France Flights, from $208-280....but when I look at or even the Air France website, all these flights are at least $400 more. Which makes me feel a little sketch... Does anyone know anything about edreams?

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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I have never heard of it, but the usual rule is, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Read the fine print carefully. I hope someone with knowledge can give a better answer!

Posted by Larry
Elkins Park, PA
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I was considering them for my son's flights for his semester abroad. You could try calling their helpline and asking about the price differentials.
I had a similar situation a couple years ago where Cheapo Air had below market tickets on BA, along with higher priced tickets. I called and their explanation was they were consolidator seats that they had obtained on special price, they came with no miles or such. We bought them and had no problems with the flight, we were treated as any other BA passenger at all points, including all of BA's online pre-flight process. If you buy, as soon as the sale goes through you should be confirmed with an e-ticket that has the standard flight coding that you would expect, and should be able to see your reservation on the airline's site.

Posted by Nancy
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Anna, not sure what return date you were looking for. I plugged in a date of Feb 4 and return date of Feb 11 on and it shows a round-trip flight for $193 US (on Air France), sounds in-line with

Posted by Andreas
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Anna, they are the Spanish outlet of a pretty big, well-established pan-European travel group. Personally I book a lot through their German outlet "In July 2010, the European private equity house Permira became the company's majority shareholder. And, a year later, in July 2011, eDreams merged with GO Voyages and acquired Opodo and Travellink to found the ODIGEO group. Serving 12 million customers each year and across 28 countries, ODIGEO is one of the leading online travel groups worldwide."

Posted by pat
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Anna, does it have to be the found , if flexible Vueling offers flight on Sunday the 3rd for 44 euros.. thats a much better price. I have used Vueling twice and quite like them.

Posted by Kim
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Anna -- my husband has bought tickets via e-dreams. as Andreas says, it's a legitimate option!!

Posted by Anna
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YIKES!! I kept getting all these responses and I wanted to get in here much sooner and thank everyone, but a little thing called life kept me away from the computer for a bit... Thanks everyone, you've all been really helpful and it's good to know that edreams is a legit option. Thanks!!

Posted by Jeff
Bend, OR, United States
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Any of these sites are generally safe if you use a credit card. As was mentioned, you should immediately get a reservation confirmation with the airline's reference number. As soon as you get it go to the airline website and confirm that it is, in fact, in their system. If it is you are good to go and might even be able to get seat assignments. If not or if there is any question contact your credit card company and have them cancel the transaction.